In-Home ServicesIf you or a loved one requires help with physical needs in the comfort of your home, Tiffany In-Home Services can provide the quality care you deserve at an affordable rate. In-Home Services professionally trained staff provide care at the highest standards of excellence. We are committed to treating your loved one with compassion and concern for their happiness and well-being.

All services are available on a temporary, limited or ongoing full-time basis depending on the level of care needed. We offer Personal Care, Advanced Personal Care, Respite Care, Homemaker Care and Licensed Nurse Visits. In-Home Services accepts Medicaid, Veterans Assistance, Private Pay and Select Private Insurance.

Respite Care

Respite Care provides temporary care to individuals, allowing a time of rest and relief for the full-time caregiver. Services are available for a full day or on an hourly basis. Respite Care providers are trained as personal care and homemaker providers, and light housekeeping can also be included during Respite Care.

Personal Care

 Personal Care services include bathing, hair care, oral hygiene, shaving, dressing, assistance with toileting, help with walking or transfers to wheelchairs, meal planning and preparation, assistance with self-administered medications, light housework, shopping for groceries and health-related items.

Advanced Personal Care

Advanced Person Care provides services for clients with a catheter or ostomy. We also provide service to individuals that require bowel or bladder routines or range of motion exercises. Advanced care aids are also qualified to apply prescription lotions or ointments and non-sterile dressings to unbroken skin, can assist with oral medications set up by our nurses and can perform additional tasks requiring a higher degree of training.

Homemaker Care

Homemaker Care provides a wide variety of household tasks necessary for maintaining a safe, habitable home environment. Services include sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, laundry, shampooing rugs, washing walls, woodwork and windows, cleaning closets, basements and attics, airing bedding and mattresses, lawn mowing and snow removal, taking out trash, shopping and errands for essential items.

Licensed Nurse Visits

Licensed Nurse Visits provide increased supervision to a personal care aide, as well as comprehensive health care assessments. Services may also include weekly visits for medication set-ups and general health evaluations, depending upon the assessed needs of the client. Available as needed.

In-Home Information